Hana's plans to re-open schools and support students adjusting back to in-person learning


Hana's plans to revamp transportation, technology, & environmental practices for 21st-century learning

Student Welfare

Hana's plans for racial equity and justice, sexual assault policies, support for disabled students, & more

Opportunity Gap

Hana's plans to increase the accessibility of educational resources across the district


Hana's plans for anti-racist education, reforms to the health curriculums, and diversified approaches to learning


Hana's plans to communicate and listen to YOU throughout her term as SMOB

Use the arrow buttons below or the drop-down menu under "VISION" to read through Hana's  plans and priorities for the MCPS Board of Education. If there is a policy issue you have a question about, or you would like Hana to address something that is not covered in her platform thus far, feel free to use the "CONTACT" page to voice your concerns!