Student Welfare

Racial Equity & Justice

  • Carefully review the MCPS anti-racism audit of MCPS curriculum, selected program admissions, staff hiring processes, and administrative policy in search for areas of improvement in equity, inclusion, and diversity

  • Institute a transparent process to hire, support, and retain a greater number of teachers, administrators, and counselors of color, as numerous studies have shown that teachers of color benefit the learning experiences and outcomes of students of color

  • Enhance and revamp cultural awareness and competency training for all teachers and administrators 

  • Provide frequent MCPS Board of Education and school administration Town Halls with a focus of promoting transparency about and reaffirming our commitment to consistent anti-racist action and educational policy, with a specific emphasis on supporting DCC schools

  • Remove armed police officers from school buildings, as they disproportionately affect students of color and with disabilities, and replace them with enhanced counseling support for students and restorative justice programs

Sexual Assault & Harassment

  • Implement a policy of pursuing investigations concerning sexual assault and harassment with all seriousness and to the fullest extent, regardless of the nature of the victim’s claim

  • Only involve parents in a sexual harassment/assault investigation if absolutely necessary, with the understanding that the threat of parent involvement is a large contributor to victims not reporting their experiences

  • Commit schools to keeping victims and abusers out of the same classroom when determining class schedules and other school events.

  • Make sexual assault awareness, prevention, and reporting part of the required health curriculum

  • Make all students aware of all the possible avenues for getting justice and reporting sexual assault/harassment

Gender / LGBTQ+ Equity

  • Monitor the execution of the implementation of menstrual hygiene product dispensers in all bathrooms (regardless of gender) in schools, gather feedback from pilot schools to improve the implementation and restocking process if necessary

  • Ensure that schools go above and beyond Title IX compliance in the treatment of boys and girls sports teams, including equal practice time on different fields at all schools

  • Dismantle discriminatory dress codes that unfairly target black and brown girls

  • Ensure that all newly built schools and renovations include the construction of gender neutral bathrooms

  • Implement new LGBTQ+ sensitivity training for all staff, with the training process being led by LGBTQ+ students

  • Allow students to add their preferred pronouns into their StudentVue account, and have this appear next to their name on class rosters

  • Allow students to change their preferred name on StudentVue, and have this change reflected in class rosters

  • Reform history and health curriculums to be LGBTQ+ inclusive, and have this reformation process led by LGBTQ+ students

Support for Disabled &

Neurodiverse Students

  • Making buildings accessible above and beyond ADA compliance, putting disabled students at the center of remodeling and feedback processes

  • Require closed captioning on zoom for students with learning disabilities or who are hard-of-hearing, and work towards making closed captioning available in all school materials

  • Re-evaluating the steepness of wheelchair ramps to ensure that students are able to use them independently without the aid of another student or teacher 

  • Enhance and revamp disability sensitivity and awareness training for all teachers and administrators

  • Hold teachers and administrators accountable for not providing students with their accommodations, including 504s, IEPs, and extended time. 

  • Making online learning a continued option after the pandemic for immunocompromised and disabled students who request it

  • Ensure that all MCPS events and Board of Education hearings are close-captioned and have an interpreter, and that support materials and forms are translated into a variety of languages

Mental Health

  • Increase flexibility in penalties for late assignments with the understanding that there are many students without formally diagnosed mental health issues

  • Allow “mental health day” to be an acceptable reason for a lawful student absence

  • Hire more counselors and school psychologists to decrease the counselor-to-student ratio and provide personalized mental health support for every student 

  • Increase the number of schools that provide Student Wellness Centers

  • Expand the county’s Mental Health Awareness Month efforts

  • Create a better website page that acts as a centralized location for students to see all of the mental health care options that are available to them, with easy access

Student Input

  • Reserve minimum 30% of all seats in MCPS policy workgroups for students, and ensure that MCPS specifically seek diverse students to fill these roles by doing targeted selection of students in collaboration with schools

  • Ensure that MCPS include testimony opportunities for students and short summaries of past and upcoming board meetings for students in emails

  • Implement a process for MCPS to deliberately and purposefully call for student testimony from student populations that are affected by current issues (i.e. If there is an upcoming meeting about renovations for a certain school, collaborate with that school to advertise opportunities for testimony and student involvement in policymaking)

  • Provide students with the opportunity to anonymously give teachers feedback for their educational and classroom style

  • Make it easier for students to report issues with school infrastructure to the county by creating a standardized online reporting system

  • Offer my support and presence to meet directly with students and school administration to discuss school specific issues individually

School Lunches


Welcome to Student Welfare, the part of my platform that addresses issues ranging from sexual assault and harassment reporting and response to structural change I want to make in MCPS's student input system. Use the arrow next to each topic header to expand the column and see my specific policy directives!

  • Make all meals offered by the school system completely free in the year following the COVID-19 pandemic 

  • Expand food choices to better accommodate vegetarians and vegans with plant-based diets, as well as those who eat kosher and halal

  • Urge for healthier lunch options with locally produced fruits and vegetables

  • Diversify weekly lunch options, and provide better-tasting, healthier food

  • Guarantee a minimum 45-minute lunch period for all middle and high schools

Restorative Justice

  • Collaborate with county-level staff members, school administrators, and counselors to widely implement restorative justice practices in schools

  • Foster a restorative justice mindset within school communities by encouraging the MCPS Division of Restorative Justice to create guidance and training sessions for how to have accessible sensitive discussions (i.e. Study Circles) as necessary

  • Encouraging schools to prioritize restorative justice practices even before offensive incidents occur in order to create a more welcoming learning environment