Opportunity Gap

College & Career Preparation

  • Create a universally free county-based SAT and ACT prep course

  • Increase AP course offerings for schools that do not offer many, and encourage participation in these classes by BIPOC students

  • Allow students to take virtual AP and other specialized classes not offered at their schools

  • Create support systems for students taking AP courses for the first time to ease the transition into more advanced coursework (expanded countywide tutoring program, opportunities to shadow students in advanced classes, etc.)

  • Expand the number of seats available in ACES, a program that supports students through getting their high school diploma and applying for college, increasing its proportionality to school population

  • Host MCPS-sponsored countywide college fairs in all regions of the county

  • Expand access to dual enrollment and the MC-squared program, including transporation

Equitable Resources

  • Streamline the Chromebook rental program and allow students to keep the Chromebooks and wifi devices they received during the pandemic over the course of the school year

  • Install the TI-84 Calculator software on all school computers so that students can use their computers as graphing calculators if they cannot purchase their own

  • Expand the option for students to use digital textbooks instead of physical textbooks 

  • Reduce or eliminate the parking permit fee for FARMs students 

  • Standardize the price of parking permits across the county

Student Opportunities

  • Increase accessibility and awareness of elementary, middle, and high school magnet programs to low-income and non-English speaking families through universal testing

  • Expand the number of ESOL teachers hired and the languages they specialize in, adding more specialists in languages such as Amharic, Chinese, and Hindi

  • Combat the isolation of ESOL students from the student body by increasing support systems for ESOL students and incorporating them into diversified classes

  • Explore additional methods of reducing school inequities within schools to supplement the MCPS boundary analysis, increasing  involvement in the decision-making process from low-income and other marginalized groups 

  • Diversify methods of communication used to contact parents and families, including more mailed paper communication

Welcome to Opportunity Gap, the part of my platform that addresses the changes I would like to fight for that would make access to educational materials and experiences more accessible throughout student demographics and schools in the county. The opportunity gap is what got me interested in educational equity and advocacy many years ago, and this will be one of the biggest issues I plan to focus on during my term. Use the arrow next to each topic header to expand the column and see my specific policy directives!