Born and raised in Montgomery County and having attended MCPS schools her entire life, Hana is a student, sister, daughter of an immigrant, activist, dreamer, and believer. 

After getting involved in student government for the first time in sixth grade, I knew I wanted to make a change in my community. I did everything I could to change inequitable policies I saw at my own school before realizing that many of the changes I wanted to see, such as free menstrual hygiene products in all bathrooms, the implementation of important Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu observations as time off of school, or closing the opportunity gap all required advocacy at the district level. Motivated by the lack of educational equity I saw permeating our system, I got involved with countywide advocacy in seventh grade, working my way up to becoming the President of the Montgomery County Junior Councils (MCJC), or the countywide middle school student government association. My work in this position was the first opportunity I was given to meet students from all across the county, visiting schools from Damascus to Argyle, Lakelands Park to Francis Scott Key, and Shady Grove to Earle B. Wood. 


It’s now been six years since then, and I am still fighting behind the scenes for the rights and equitable education for all MCPS students as Vice President of the Montgomery County Regional Student Government Association (MCR-SGA), MCJC’s high school counterpart; the Member Outreach Director for Montgomery County Students for Change; and the Chair of MoCo EmpowHER, MCPS’s female advocacy and empowerment organization. Throughout my time in MCPS and the various leadership positions I have held, I’ve been able to successfully advocate to end PARCC testing, organize countywide voter registration drives in our high schools, secure a pilot program for free menstrual hygiene products in all of our bathrooms, start a leadership academy to teach students how to be better student activists, and so much more. In working for these initiatives, I have always prioritized listening to MCPS students, making a deliberate effort to involve a diverse array of perspectives and bring as many voices as possible to decision-making tables. 

Headshot of Hana

Hana with Strong Schools Maryland, advocating for the passage of the Blueprint for Maryland's future, a bill to guarantee universal pre-kindergarten for all students and increased funding for education.

Hana addressing a delegation of student representatives from every MCPS high school at a countywide student government General Assembly.

Headshot of Hana


As this work has required me to constantly travel to different middle and high schools across the county, I have seen firsthand the vast resource disparities between zip codes in our district, as well as the minimal opportunities MCPS currently has for student engagement and participation in the policymaking process. 


As the most important stakeholders in education, I believe that students from all backgrounds and experiences should be consulted more frequently by MCPS and given a larger, more meaningful voice in policymaking. This won’t be easy, and will require, in many cases, a complete restructuring of the policy writing, consulting, and creating process. But as someone who has dedicated every spare moment of the last six years to getting acquainted with the MCPS policymaking process and serving students, I truly believe that I am the best person for this job. 


I am running to be your 44th Student Member of the Board because I know that your voice and participation in this process is the only way we will ever be able to create a truly equitable educational system that is the best that it can be. As I always have, at the Board table, I will continue to involve as many of you in direct policymaking as possible. If you would like to join my team, or have questions or concerns about my platform, please contact me!