• Accelerate the implementation of promethean boards into all MCPS elementary, middle, and high school classrooms

  • Work with individual middle school principals to guarantee that the right to cell phones during lunch is available to all students

  • Ensure that the technology and internet access distributed to students during the pandemic is available for students who continue to need it

  • Extending Media Center hours for students who may not have access to technology or wifi at home or for students with after school activities that end later in the day

  • Improving our grading system to have a friendlier user interface and easier accessibility to check grades


  • Push for the completion of a bus-tracking app to allow students to see where their bus is located while waiting at school bus stops 

  • Revaluate bus routes to alleviate overcrowding

  • Revaluate the safety of bus routes, especially those located at major intersections, to ensure that no students are injured by vehicles on their way to school

  • Conduct a thorough review of all school buses to ensure that they all have functioning air conditioning and heating systems 

  • Collaborate with the Montgomery County Council to advocate for increased accessibility to RideOn buses and other public transportation for Upcounty students


  • Prioritize environmental standards when constructing new schools and buildings, including ensuring that they are reliant on renewable energy sources

  • Include climate change education, including the impact of governments and corporations on harming the climate, into science curriculums in all grade levels

  • Replace all water fountains with reusable water bottle filling stations at all elementary, middle, and high schools (helps reduce water consumption, encourage use of reusable bottles, filters water, and reduces germ spread)

  • Eliminate the use of single-use plastic lunch containers

  • Reduce the number of disposable water bottles that MCPS buys

  • Establish a climate change focus group composed of students, staff, and MCPS administration with a focus on frontline communities of color affected by environmental racism to suggest policies to lessen MCPS’s climate impact


  • Increasing transparency about what schools get renovations and why, as well as all of the relevant information about those renovations

  • Push for quicker school responses to routine issues with facilities, such as broken bathroom locks, water fountains, sinks, jammed vending machines, and ceiling tiles

  • Increasing the number of small renovations for schools that don’t need complete rebuilding but still need fixing up in certain areas

  • Make renovations in all schools to ensure that they have strong air filtration and ventilation systems to limit the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases

Welcome to Innovation, the part of my platform that addresses changes to school capital that I would advocate for at the board table, including increased access and integration of technology in the classroom, improved transportation systems, and environmental considerations to MCPS facilities needed for 21st-century learning. Use the arrow next to each topic header to expand the column and see my specific policy directives!