Before Reopening

  • Create personalized remedial learning plans for every student to combat learning loss after school closures to prevent the further exacerbation of the achievement gap 

  • Increase the number of mental health services available to students and families to help our community cope with the difficulties of the pandemic

  • Waive standardized testing fees, lunch fees, and all other school-related costs to eliminate barriers to education during reopening processes

  • Ensure flexibility with penalties for late assignments and attendance with the understanding that reopening schools may be an overwhelming process for many students

  • Allow MCPS Athletics to begin in-person conditioning and workouts for student athletes with temperature checks and masks
    Train all teachers and administrators on recognizing age-related behavioral changes and providing support to students who have a difficult time adjusting to reopening 

After Reopening

  • Activity monitor students’ wellbeing, including both physical and mental health, and respond appropriately by creating individualized student reopening plans

  • Continue to allow students and families to opt-in or switch back to fully virtual learning

  • Use schools as a place to provide essential services at no-cost for families and students, including meals and healthcare


Welcome to COVID-19, the part of my platform that addresses my plans for re-opening schools. With the constantly changing state of the pandemic, it's difficult to give direction on exactly what schools will look like when we return, but this section of my platform gives a broad overview of my stance. Use the arrow next to each topic header to expand the column and see my specific policy directives!