School Visits

  • Visit every middle and high school in the county as least once every semester, either virtually or in-person, to give a report on the Board of Education’s work and take suggestions and questions from students

  • Meet directly with school administration and student leaders at specific schools at the request of students to discuss school-specific issues and policy

Online Communication

  • Send SMOB minute videos and SMOB newsletters through all channels of communication, including student emails, personal emails, and letters to students’ homes

  • Publicize any and all opportunities for student engagement in policymaking through all communication channels, and allow all students to become involved in policy areas they are interested in 

  • Make my social media, including Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, open lines of communication between myself and all students

  • Make myself available through text and email to any MCPS student

  • Host weekly Instagram live streams as an open forum with students to give updates on the Board of Education’s work and answer any questions

Welcome to Communication, where I address how I plan to stay in constant communication with all MCPS students throughout my term and make myself accessible to any student who has concerns about their education. As a lifelong MCPS student, I recognize that a major pitfall of even the most successful SMOBs has been their communication platforms, so I promise to make this a priority of mine next year and truly be accessible in any way possible. Use the arrow next to each topic header to expand the column and see my specific policy directives!