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Read about what led  Hana to initiate her campaign for SMOB


Read about  Hana's experience as a community organizer and activist in MoCo



Read and watch Hana's engagements with the community, testimonies to local government, and more

Hana's Vision for MCPS


Student Welfare

Read about Hana's plans to address racial equity and justice, sexual assault and harassment policy, support for disabled and neurodiverse students, and revamp MCPS's student input systems.


Opportunity Gap

Addressing the opportunity gap between students and schools has always been a priority for Hana throughout her years of behind-the-scenes work. Read her policy directives to get this done at the board table.



Reopening and returning to schools is undoubtedly the single biggest question students are thinking about this year. Read Hana's considerations for returning safety and supporting students.

Why Vote Hana

for SMOB?

Having worked intimately with MCPS and the Board of Education for over four years, Hana is a qualified and trusted candidate for the 44th Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB). A champion of students' rights and equitable education, Hana has been a leading student voice behind important educational reforms in menstrual equity, standardized testing reductions, and equitable resource distribution in MCPS schools. 

The Vice President of the Montgomery County Regional Student Government Association (MCR-SGA) and the chair of MoCo EmpowHER, MCPS's countywide women's empowerment and advocacy organization, Hana has become a familiar face in county activism and student engagement, meeting with hundreds of students from all regions of the county throughout her years of involvement in the community. 


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